Busy Writing

I seem to have a lot of things on my to do list these days and one of them is always “update website”. Along with having a good tidy up of my home, it’s a job I haven’t got around to in while. This is because I am busy writing. I have a novel series due out in the autumn (that’s the fall to our American friends) and I’ve been pushing out all distractions to get it done.

In the meanwhile, thanks for stopping by. As the books get written, I hope to return to my website with some news – and there will be some in the forthcoming months, I promise!

Jane Killick interviews Maggie Lynch: New Podcast!

Maggie-Lynch-4webHere’s the first of the Windtree Press Author Interviews, which start this month. I’ll be interviewing a whole host of people, one a month, over the next year, so keep coming back for more!

Maggie Lynch (who also writes as Maggie Jaimeson and Maggie Faire) reveals how having a son serve in the US military in Iraq was the inspiration for her novel, Expendable. She also discusses her Young Adult series, The Forest People in this fun and revealing interview. Listen to the interview (above) or watch the video on the Author Interviews page.

Author Interviews

Jane Killick Podcast Author Interviews – Coming Soon!

Cover_Trailer_webEvery month I’ll be interviewing some fantastic authors and finding out a bit more about how they tick. I’ll be delving into their lives, their inspirations and the backgrounds about their books in what I hope will be an interesting listen.

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The Man in My Phone – A New Short Story of Temptation

Man_in_PhoneTrisha loves the excitement when texts arrive from the man in her phone. She feels sexy, desired and a little bit naughty. But mystery surrounds the identity of her texter. Will meeting him bring disappointment or take their illicit dalliance to the next level? And what should she tell Steve, the reliable fiancé waiting for her at home?

A quick-witted short story of temptation and technology from the author of If Wishes Were Husbands and Fairy Nuff.

Ebook at 99p / 99¢ or less!

Amazon UK | Amazon US | Apple | B&N | Kobo or direct from Windtree Press.

I’ll Use Any Excuse to Get a Man In

Getting_a_Man_InI am hopeless at DIY or anything around the house, so when I need something done, I “get a man in”. At one stage in my life, I had so many tradesmen traipsing through my home painting the windows, fixing a leak and pruning my plumb tree, it became a common phrase: “any excuse to get a man in”!, which I would say with a little wink.

The tradesmen who came to my house only ever painted windows, fixed leaks or pruned trees. Apart from the occasional conversation about the weather, that was it. However, I wondered what would happen if a woman wasn’t joking when she said “any excuse to get a man in” with a suggestive wink. If only part of her employed him to do odd jobs round the house, while the other part had something a little… more… seductive in mind.

The result of that is my new short story, Getting a Man In. At less than £1/$1 in ebook, it’s worth a look. As always with my writing in this genre, it’s quite fun Here’s all you need to know:

Getting A Man In by Jane Killick

When things go wrong, Suzie always gets a man in. Electricians with beer bellies, kitchen fitters with bad breath, tree surgeons with unsightly tattoos. But when Adam the sexy plumber arrives at her door, she wants more from him than fixing her shower. Even if Adam needs some persuading.

A fun short story of sexual frustration, rejection and a temperamental bathroom.

Another romantic comedy from the author of If Wishes Were Husbands and Fairy Nuff.

ebook: Amazon UK | Amazon US | Apple | Kobo | B&N
Short Stories

Fairy Nuff — My New Romantic Comedy Novel: Out Now!

Fairy Nuff coverStuck in a fairy costume with magical powers, Julie “Nuff” Nuffield wishes for anything she wants. But when magic turns mischievous, a dishy doctor literally sweeps her off her feet — with a broom! — and a million pound coins trap her in her house, she must find a way out of the chaos. All while contemplating sleeping with her ex again. Sound unfair for a single woman battling through life? Or is it Fairy Nuff?

A fun story of one woman’s quest for love and search for the right wish to bring her happiness. A light-hearted romantic comedy from the author of If Wishes Were Husbands.

ebook: Amazon UK | Amazon US | Apple | Kobo | B&N
Paperback: Amazon UK | Amazon US | Waterstones | B&N | Book Depository (ships worldwide)

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2014: Now $4.99 / £2.99

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Why I Dropped My Pseudonym

I write chick lit and I am proud!

I’m coming out of the literary closet, I’m admitting it to the world, I’m putting my own name on the covers of my romantic comedy books. Yes, I am Elizabeth Kyne, she is me — but Elizabeth Kyne must die!


There was a reason I created her and it all seemed perfectly logical at the time. Lots of writers publish under a pseudonym and there are lots of good reasons for it. I was persuaded by the same reason that crime writer Ruth Rendell wrote a series of novels under the pseudonym Barbara Vine.

If Wishes Were Husbands by Jane Killick (cover)

My first chick lit novel, originally published under the pseudonym Elizabeth Kyne

A reader could be sure when picking up a Ruth Rendell novel that they would have the experience of a compelling mystery, usually featuring Chief Inspector Wexford. But she also wanted to write more psychological novels without confusing her fans, and so she put them out under the pen name Barbara Vine.

Marketing people call this branding, and it worked very well for her. She ended up with two separate publishing careers, both of which were successful, and allowed her to write the sort of books she wanted to write.

I was in a similar boat. I was known for writing about science fiction. I had years of magazine articles about film and television SF in my background, as well as books about Babylon 5 and, more recently, Red Dwarf. But suddenly I had written a romantic comedy. That was a bit different. it didn’t fit with my ‘brand’ at all.

Besides, I knew I wasn’t leaving behind science fiction entirely. I wanted to return to the genre and write science fiction novels (my Perceivers series is out in 2015). The idea of a writer who was into both chick lit and science fiction was too confusing to readers, I was persuaded. What I needed was a pseudonym, a brand, to distinguish my romantic comedy from my SF. And so Elizabeth Kyne was born.

Matchmaker Cat by Jane Killick (cover)

My popular short short story was originally published under the pseudonym Elizabeth Kyne

It was then I realised the problems of having a split identity. I needed two websites, two Facebook pages, two author biographies. When people asked about my novel, I had to explain that even though If Wishes Were Husbands had Elizabeth Kyne on the cover, I was the one who had written it. I would have to explain that I was using a pseudonym and then I would explain why.

What sounded like a good idea in theory turned out to be a bad idea in practice.

Readers are Smart

Then I heard another theory, one that I liked much better. Readers are smart, said the new theory. Readers themselves understand that just because they enjoy watching a period drama like Downton Abbey on a Sunday, doesn’t mean they’re not going to sit down and watch a James Bond thriller on Monday. They understand that writers, too, are people. Like readers, they have different interests and therefore are capable of writing different sorts of books.

As for branding, it’s not just about the author name. For example, it’s easy to tell what sort of book If Wishes Were Husbands is just by looking at the cover. The fact that it has the author name ‘Jane Killick’ written on the top shouldn’t lead to confusion.

Fairy Nuff by Jane Killick (cover)

My new novel (out June 2014). You can tell what sort of book it is, right?

It’s a bit like Iain Banks. Although a lover of science fiction, his first published book was The Wasp Factory, a mainstream book. When it came to publishing his SF, he included a middle initial and became Iain M Banks. However, I usually can’t remember which version of Iain Banks does mainstream and which version does SF. I just know, if it’s got a spaceship on the cover, it’s science fiction.

Now that all my books are being published through Windtree Press, and I have a new novel coming out, Fairy Nuff, it seemed the right time to ‘re-brand’. Elizabeth Kyne is coming off the cover of my books and my name, Jane Killick, is going on them.

Because I write chick lit and I am proud!

With thanks to Scott William Carter for his wonderful post on giving up his pseudonym and for talking me through it last year.

I Ate David McCallum’s Salad

David McCallum photo

David McCallum moments before I ate his salad

Asked to come up with a strange fact about myself for this month’s Windtree Press newsletter (sign up here!), I remembered the time when I ate David McCallum’s salad.

Yes, the David McCallum. The actor David McCallum. The same David McCallum who’s in NCIS.

Of course, Windtree only wanted one fact about me, they didn’t want the whole story. That’s where my own website comes in handy. You see, it was like this…

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Doctor Who Documentary — listen to it all!

Last year, I was privileged to be asked to speak about Doctor Who for a Radio 4 Extra documentary celebrating fifty years since the programme began in 1963. I expected a twenty second clip of something vaguely interesting I said to find its way into the programme — but, no! I’m in it quite a lot. What’s more, I keeping meeting people who tell me they heard it and enjoyed it.

For those who missed it, or want the chance to listen to it again, the nice people at the BBC have put the whole lot on YouTube. And it’s not just me, it features a lot of other top people as well, and repeats of some Radio 4 archive programmes. My favourite is The Reunion (1’05” in) in which people involved with the first episode get back together and reminisce with Sue MacGregor.

Worth a listen!