My Interview with Judith Ashley

Continuing catching up the interviews I conducted with authors last year and I really like the animation I did for this one. It helped that Judith has quite a few books out and her covers are lovely. In this interview, Judith Ashley discusses her Sacred Women’s Circle series of novels, her short stories, her life, and her writing process. This interview is also available as audio only

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My Interview with Courtney Pierce

Continuing to post some of the interviews I conducted with fellow authors last year. I had a blast talking to them all and I really enjoyed putting together the video animation. In this interview, I talk to Courtney Pierce about her magic realism trilogy: Stitches, Brushes, and Riffs. We also chat about her previous career on Broadway, her writing process, and Courtney’s future plans at the time of the interview. If video is not your thing, there is also an audio only version available.

My Romantic Comedy Going Out of Print

The exciting news is that I am writing a new science fiction series of novels which will be coming out late this year. Unfortunately, to prepare for that, my romantic comedy novels and stories are going out of print. I want to thank everyone who read and enjoyed them.

My women’s fiction will be coming out in a new form later this year, including a few stories not yet published. If you would like to be informed when these books are available, please sign up to my newsletter, the link for which is on the right sidebar if you scroll down a bit (if you’re on a mobile or tablet, it’s at the bottom of the page, scroll down a lot!). Or drop me a line via the contact page: Email me .

In the meantime, there may still be a few copies of favourites like If Wishes Were Husbands and Fairy Nuff at various retailers, particularly in paperback, but they will be disappearing very soon. So if you want to pick up a copy, now would be the time!

Busy Writing

I seem to have a lot of things on my to do list these days and one of them is always “update website”. Along with having a good tidy up of my home, it’s a job I haven’t got around to in while. This is because I am busy writing. I have a novel series due out in the autumn (that’s the fall to our American friends) and I’ve been pushing out all distractions to get it done.

In the meanwhile, thanks for stopping by. As the books get written, I hope to return to my website with some news – and there will be some in the forthcoming months, I promise!

Jane Killick interviews Maggie Lynch

Here’s the first of the Windtree Press Author Interviews, which start this month. Maggie Lynch (who also writes as Maggie Jaimeson and Maggie Faire) reveals how having a son serve in the US military in Iraq was the inspiration for her novel, Expendable. She also discusses her Young Adult series, The Forest People in this fun and revealing interview. Also available as audio only.

I Ate David McCallum’s Salad

David McCallum photo

David McCallum moments before I ate his salad

Asked to come up with a strange fact about myself for this month’s Windtree Press newsletter (sign up here!), I remembered the time when I ate David McCallum’s salad.

Yes, the David McCallum. The actor David McCallum. The same David McCallum who’s in NCIS.

Of course, Windtree only wanted one fact about me, they didn’t want the whole story. That’s where my own website comes in handy. You see, it was like this…

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Doctor Who Documentary — listen to it all!

Last year, I was privileged to be asked to speak about Doctor Who for a Radio 4 Extra documentary celebrating fifty years since the programme began in 1963. I expected a twenty second clip of something vaguely interesting I said to find its way into the programme — but, no! I’m in it quite a lot. What’s more, I keeping meeting people who tell me they heard it and enjoyed it.

For those who missed it, or want the chance to listen to it again, the nice people at the BBC have put the whole lot on YouTube. And it’s not just me, it features a lot of other top people as well, and repeats of some Radio 4 archive programmes. My favourite is The Reunion (1’05” in) in which people involved with the first episode get back together and reminisce with Sue MacGregor.

Worth a listen!

Talking about Doctor Who — on Radio 4 Extra

The Original Cast of Doctor WhoWith the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who almost here, Radio 4 Extra interviewed me about the genesis of the series for their celebratory programme, Who Made Who. I talked a lot about how the show fitted within the culture of the sixties, particularly the role of woman and the show’s first, and esteemed, producer Verity Lambert. And, it’s not just me! The BBC website reveals:

“Mark Gatiss examines the Target novels, which offered a glimpse into those early stories before video. We hear from surviving cast and crew of the original pilot episode, the people who gave the show its unique sound in Dance of the Daleks, and finally we catch up with Susan – the Doctor’s Granddaughter, last seen on 22nd-century Earth. In between, John Lloyd, AL Kennedy and others who recall those monochrome early years examine what makes them so special.”

You can hear it on Radio 4 Extra on Saturday 23rd November at 9am and at 4pm. More details here, where you will also be able to listen again, once the programme has aired.

And what’s more — I made the trailer! Here’s Nick Briggs introducing me:


My Interview with Iain Banks

During the Easter weekend, 2010, I interviewed Iain Banks at the Odyssey convention (“Eastercon”). Following the untimely death of the jovial and critically acclaimed writer, the video has been released for people to watch again.

With thanks to the nice people at Odyssey.

New Red Dwarf Book

The long-awaited STASIS LEAKED COMPLETE: THE UNOFFICIAL BEHIND THE SCENES GUIDE TO RED DWARF is finally here. The book grew into a mammoth 326 pages and 95,000 words, so took a lot longer than I was expecting. It covers all the behind-the-scenes details of every episode of the series, concentrating on the BBC years of the show.

Stasis Leaked Complete by Jane Killick (cover)

Stasis Leaked Complete: The Unofficial Behind the Scenes Guide to Red Dwarf by Jane Killick

Based on interviews with the cast and crew, this book goes behind the scenes of the successful space comedy, Red Dwarf. With chapters on every episode, it reveals how the series was made, and tells the stories of what happened on and off set.

ebook: Amazon UK | Amazon US | Apple UK | Apple US | Kobo | B&N
Paperback: Amazon UK | Amazon US | Waterstones | B&N | Book Depository (ships wordwide)

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