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November 22, 2013
by Jane

Talking about Doctor Who — on Radio 4 Extra

The Original Cast of Doctor WhoWith the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who almost here, Radio 4 Extra interviewed me about the genesis of the series for their celebratory programme, Who Made Who. I talked a lot about how the show fitted within the culture of the sixties, particularly the role of woman and the show’s first, and esteemed, producer Verity Lambert. And, it’s not just me! The BBC website reveals:

“Mark Gatiss examines the Target novels, which offered a glimpse into those early stories before video. We hear from surviving cast and crew of the original pilot episode, the people who gave the show its unique sound in Dance of the Daleks, and finally we catch up with Susan – the Doctor’s Granddaughter, last seen on 22nd-century Earth. In between, John Lloyd, AL Kennedy and others who recall those monochrome early years examine what makes them so special.”

You can hear it on Radio 4 Extra on Saturday 23rd November at 9am and at 4pm. More details here, where you will also be able to listen again, once the programme has aired.

And what’s more — I made the trailer! Here’s Nick Briggs introducing me:


April 25, 2013
by Jane

New Red Dwarf Book

The long-awaited STASIS LEAKED COMPLETE: THE UNOFFICIAL BEHIND THE SCENES GUIDE TO RED DWARF is finally here. The book grew into a mammoth 326 pages and 95,000 words, so took a lot longer than I was expecting. It covers all the behind-the-scenes details of every episode of the series, concentrating on the BBC years of the show. Here’s all the official details:


Stasis Leaked Complete: The Unofficial Behind the Scenes Guide to Red Dwarf by Jane Killick

Based on interviews with the cast and crew, this book goes behind the scenes of the successful space comedy, Red Dwarf. With chapters on every episode, it reveals how the series was made, and tells the stories of what happened on and off set.

Why did Holly leave?

How did Cat lose his teeth?

What happened when the writers split up?

All these questions are answered, and more.


How did a show that was rejected three times become a success? Why did Holly change from a man to a woman? What happened when Rimmer got covered in baby oil?

Stasis Leaked Complete goes behind the scenes of the TV space comedy Red Dwarf to answer all these questions and more. Based on interviews with the cast and crew, it reveals the highs and lows of making the series: from the early days of wobbly sets, to the critical acclaim of an International Emmy Award.


• Episode synopses

• Behind the scenes details on every episode

• Overviews of every series

• Quotes from cast and crew

Stasis Leaked Complete reveals how the show was made, examines the ideas behind the episodes, and illustrates them all with anecdotes from the people who were there. It’s the essential, unofficial, guide to the brilliant space comedy.

Including bonus chapters on:

• Red Dwarf Special Effects

• Red Dwarf’s Missing Episodes

• Red Dwarf USA

• and the ill-fated Red Dwarf Movie

The book concentrates on the BBC years of the show, and also covers the more recent series produced by digital channel, Dave.

Available as an ebook: for the Kindle at: Amazon UK; and Amazon.com; for all ebook formats from Smashwords; Barnes and Noble for Nook; and at Apple’s iBookstore in the UK, USA and other countries.

The paperback, priced at £8.99 / $14.49 has been widely distributed and is available at most bookshops, including at Amazon UK and Amazon.com, Waterstones and Barnes and Noble.

ISBN: 978-1-908340-06-1 (paperback), 978-1-908340-07-8 (ebook)


PAGES: 326 (paperback)

This post was originally posted on June 7th 2012 and has been re-posted after a self-inflicted (oops!) site crash

January 23, 2013
by Jane

Jane Killick dot com is back!

I'm not a fan of The Simpsons, but there's something about Homor's simple phrase that often says it all

I’m not a fan of The Simpsons, but there’s something about Homor’s simple phrase that often says it all

That’ll teach me to change web hosts before backing up all my files!

I knew I had a back up from when I set up the site, but forgot that all my posts and pages were stored on the database online. So obviously, they all disappeared when I moved across to a new host. I feel a right dipstick now!

Anyway, I’ve retrieved all my entries and will be putting them back up steadily. The dates on the posts will be all wrong, but that can’t be helped. Lesson learned for next time!