Jane Killick Podcast Author Interviews – Coming Soon!

Cover_Trailer_webEvery month I’ll be interviewing some fantastic authors and finding out a bit more about how they tick. I’ll be delving into their lives, their inspirations and the backgrounds about their books in what I hope will be an interesting listen.

It’s being done through my publisher, Windtree Press, with the podcasts published both here and on their website. Or sign up via the likes of iTunes and YouTube to get your monthly fix. So as to not freak anyone out having to look at writers talking on video, they’re recorded like a radio interview, with visual elements added for the video. For example, here’s a trailer:

And here’s an audio-only version.

The release dates are the first of each month, with Maggie Lynch (aka Maggie Jaimeson & Maggie Faire) the first to take the plunge on September 1st. Make sure you tune in!